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We help develop and launch cooperative organizations in Indiana.

Indiana Cooperative Development Center provides innovative, results-oriented, and cost-effective services to cooperatives and related organizations.

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ICDC is a proud host of the Up and Coming Food Co-op Conference.

Services for Co-ops

Strategic Toolkit

We can help you with planning, market analysis, feasibility studies, business plans, staff training, and more!


Tap into our curated master list of financial, agricultural, food, housing, and worker resources for cooperatives.


Our library includes Indiana-specific cooperative codes and resources as well as general co-op guides and case studies.

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2019 Impact Conference

Oct. 2-4, 2019

The 2019 IMPACT Conference is an opportunity for all cooperatives to discuss innovations and share best practices in governance, communications, community involvement, education and cooperation among cooperatives.

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2019 Crossroads Cooperative Summit

Oct. 11, 2019

Cooperatives from across Indiana will gather on Friday, October 11, 2019 for the Thirteenth Annual Crossroads Cooperative Summit. This year's Summit will cover: Best practices in communications Talent recruitment and retention Access to broadband.

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Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy

Oct. 17-20, 2019

The ECWD, founded in 2002, is a conference that builds awareness of worker-owned businesses while strengthening existing worker co-ops. For 17 years, the ECWD has forged relationships between democratically-owned businesses, labor institutions, and cooperative resource organizations to expand workplace democracy. The ECWD has been convened every two years in the Eastern United States, and was last hosted by Baltimore in 2011. 

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