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Ever wonder if your business idea would make a good cooperative?  Take a stroll on your favorite search engine and you'll find a number of amazing cooperative businesses.  Think - beer (www.blackstar.coop), cabs (www.unioncab.coop), home health care (Circle of Care Cooperatives in Wisconsin), on-line food co-op (www.purpleporchcoop.com), coffee roaster co-op (www.justcoffee.coop).  Now you get the idea.  The cooperative model is flexible enough to accommodate just about any business idea.

Take The Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative.  The cooperative was started in 1998 with an original mission to provide a studio and shared equipment for central Ohio artists, but has since evolved.  Visit their website at www.phoenixrisingprintmaking.com and read the recent article in The Columbus Dispatch (www.tinyurl.com/6wro2kt) to learn more about this innovative cooperative.





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