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Cooperative Health Care in Brazil

In the mid-1960s, Brazil had a mercantile-based medical system that limited free choice and, for many doctors, stood in the way of their dreams of professional excellence and justice. Some medical professionals began to envision an alternative structure for health care: the cooperative.

Through their dedication to a revolutionary idea, they were able to create UNIMED.  The goal was not to make money, but to allow free choice in medical providers and hospital services. In this system, medical associates own the cooperative and receive fair financial compensation in return for their professional dedication to their patients.

Today, UNIMED is a tremendous success. More than 110,000 doctors, 18 million users and 368 member cooperatives participate in UNIMED. Its story demonstrates that, under the banner of medical cooperation, the struggle to create health care that enhances the humanity of both doctors and patients can be effective and beneficial for everyone.

Go to http://stories.coop/stories/written/unimed-many-unrealistic-dream for more details.


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