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How co-operatives are major global players as social employers

Together, co-operative enterprises constitute a major part of the world’s economy. Latest academic research, undertaken for the annual World Co-operative Monitor, suggests that the largest 1,500 or so co-operative firms have a combined turnover of USD 2.5 trillion.

As the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) points out, this means that co-operatives are major employers, both in developed and developing economies. In the US, for example, 30,000 co-operatives provide over two million jobs; in France, 23,000 co-operatives employ 1,070,000 staff; in Kenya, 63% of the population derive their livelihoods from co-operatives. Worldwide, in just the insurance sector alone, a million people are employed by insurers operating as co-operatives or member-owned mutuals.

This gives co-operative organisations an intriguing position when it comes to traditional social partnership, with points of identity with both workers’ and employers’ organisations.

Read more at http://www.thenews.coop/88180/news/regional-organisations/how-co-operatives-are-major-global-players-as-social-employers/.

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