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The future of jobs, work, and workplaces is facing rampant transformation.

The Board of Directors of the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Doug O’Brien as NCBA CLUSA’s next president and ch

In recent years, NCBA CLUSA has estimated that there are about 40,000 cooperative businesses within the U.S.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way toward.....Building a Better World. Cooperatives around the U.S.

The Indiana Cooperative Development Center and the Mid America Cooperative Council celebrate Co-op Week in Indiana

NCB, The National Co-op Bank, recently announced the 2017 NCB Co-op

"Before the storm ever hit, we had co-ops in inside the state and in other states volunteering and wanting to know how they could help to put systems back together so members could have power.

Access to broadband is critical to the stability and growth of rural America.  Courthouses, farms and businesses need high-speed internet.

Indiana's electric cooperatives and their statewide magazine, Electric Consumer, invite Indiana K-12 students to enter the Cooperative Calendar of Student Art Contest.

In November of 2012, a month after Hurricane Sandy hit Far Rockaway, a neighborhood in Queens, New York, 10,000 residents were still living without power. Henry Lezama, a construction worker and Fa

In November of 2012, a month after Hurricane Sandy hit Far Rockaway, a neighborhood in Queens, New York, 10,000 residents were still living without power. Henry Lezama, a construction worker and Fa

In 2011, staff from the Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) in Minneapolis met with about 30 residents of Long Prairie, Minn., to discuss starting a farmer cooperative that would improve thei

The student-run branch of Corning Credit Union opened for its eighth year Sept. 29 at BOCES Bush campus.

The student-run branch of Corning Credit Union opened for its eighth year Sept. 29 at BOCES Bush campus.

The student-run branch of Corning Credit Union opened for its eighth year Sept. 29 at BOCES Bush campus.

The student-run branch of Corning Credit Union opened for its eighth year Sept. 29 at BOCES Bush campus.

When it comes to “buying local,” co-ops wrote the book. That’s because cooperatives are homegrown by everyday people who join together to solve a problem or meet a need.

Here's another example of Cooperatives putt

Here's another example of Cooperatives putt

To mark the 90 years of Singapore's cooperative movement, the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) has put together a commemorative book and a travelling exhibition.

To mark the 90 years of Singapore's cooperative movement, the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) has put together a commemorative book and a travelling exhibition.

To mark the 90 years of Singapore's cooperative movement, the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) has put together a commemorative book and a travelling exhibition.

Over 50 percent of the Central American country's gross domestic product is produced either by small family-owned associative enterprises with less than 10 workers or by more advanced cooperatives

October celebrations play a key role in promoting cooperatives to co-op members, the public and policy makers.

According to Dominica’s Cooperative Development Division, cooperatives have existed here since the 1920s and today, Dominica has the most dynamic cooperative movement in the OECS. Government has lo

According to Dominica’s Cooperative Development Division, cooperatives have existed here since the 1920s and today, Dominica has the most dynamic cooperative movement in the OECS. Government has lo

In a show of what can be accomplished through collaboration, a consortium of corporate sponsors, credit union members and celebrities worked together with the credit unions to raise $757,837 to ben

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in partnership with the Limpopo Department of Agriculture has launched 19 NYDA-funded and youth-owned cooperatives in Nwanedi Village and Thohoyandou. T

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in partnership with the Limpopo Department of Agriculture has launched 19 NYDA-funded and youth-owned cooperatives in Nwanedi Village and Thohoyandou. T

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in partnership with the Limpopo Department of Agriculture has launched 19 NYDA-funded and youth-owned cooperatives in Nwanedi Village and Thohoyandou. T

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in partnership with the Limpopo Department of Agriculture has launched 19 NYDA-funded and youth-owned cooperatives in Nwanedi Village and Thohoyandou. T

Nothing is more American than fireworks on the Fourth of July holiday.

The World Council of Credit Unions is working with MetLife Foundation to support research into the financial service needs of Mexico’s unbanked population aged between 18 and 35.Woccu has a long hi

Co-operatives produce 60% of the world’s wine, but face difficulties when it comes to marketing and entering new markets.

The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) will be resuming its efforts to rebuild the credit union sector in Liberia, which has recently been declared free of Ebola.

How many steps would you walk to score some co-op swag?

The growth of one is the growth of all.

Mike Beall, president and CEO of the National Cooperative Business Ass

La Casona Cooperative was once operated by the Ministry of Tourism.

In 1994, from April to July, Rwanda was devastated by a brutal genocide. This war-ravaged nation was left with 70 percent women who had to rebuild the country.

Some parts of Co-op Nation require a passport to visit—such as Costa Rica, where NRECA International helped get two electric cooperatives started half a century ago.

True Value Company is one of the world's largest retailer-owned hardware cooperatives.

Muhyiddin who chaired a meeting in Parliament in Kuala Lumpur said the scope and functions of cooperatives must be expanded to include activities that include production, manufacturing and distribu

Members of American cooperatives from different sectors of the economy announced Tuesday the launch of the U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Working Group to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences with

A total of 170 credit unions participating in the 2014 Miracle Match by CO-OP program raised a record $3.1 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, $1 million of which was matching funds p

The Odisha govt in India says cooperative banks are far ahead of large commercial banks in making credit available to the farm sector in the state. Cooperative banks provide 70 per cent of total sh

The International Co-operative Day / International Day of Co-operatives is celebrated on the first Saturday of July every year.  That's July 4th this year.  Start planning your events now.

This April, 11 Northeast Ohio credit unions are teaming up to promote financial education to area high school students.

The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is calling for the empowerment of cooperatives dealing with the agricultural sector to help attain food security in the country

 Tipmont REMC has completed installation of a 240-panel solar array at its headquarters in Linden, and is inviting the public to its dedication to learn about its contribu

October is Co-op Month.  Celebrate by supporting your co-op!

A group of central Kentucky veterans are making a special trip to Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

Slope Electric Cooperative loaned $2 million to West River Veterinary Clinic to construct a new veterinary clinic in Hettinger.

Governor Mike Pence has declared Oct. 12-18, 2014 Cooperative Week with support of cooperative organizations across the state.

Make plans now to attend the 2014 Crossroads Cooperative Summit on Nov. 7.  The event will be held at the Indiana Farm Bureau building in Indianapolis.

The makeshift tent camp in Israel’s metropolitan core in 2011 inspired protests around the country and demonstrations increased by the tens of thousands as the younger generation became fed up with

More than 7 million people worldwide joined credit unions in 2013, according to a new report from the World

Rural electric cooperatives are leaders in renewable energy.  The grand opening of Iowa’s largest solar farm will be at 10 a.m. Thursday, July 31.

Together, co-operative enterprises constitute a major part of the world’s economy.

For the third consecutive year, Michigan credit unions are gearing up to show their support of local businesses through a national CU Lunch Local cash mob campaign.

Each year 285,000 people across the world die through financial difficulty, but co-operatives can help shift this with a focus on long-term investment to prevent economic shocks, which in turn will

Loan balances at credit unions are on pace to rise twice as fast as the average pace seen over the past two years.

Here's another example of how credit unions show "concern for their communities"......1st Financial Federal Credit Union accepts invitation to become the financial partner with the City of St.

The establishment of cooperatives prevent social exclusion and directly and indirectly economically empower one-billion people worldwide, South Africa's Small Business Devel

Within the past decade, three forms of worker-owned and/or managed types of organizing work places are now functioning.

On Thursday, June 26th the New York City Council will vote to approve the city's annual budget, which contains a $1.2 million initiative to fund the development of

Leaders from food cooperatives around the country will gather in Madison, WI, next week

Spain’s agrifood cooperatives have weathered one of the most challenging economic periods in the country’s history, posting an 8 per cent increase in turno

In the $400 billion business of retail electricity, where Internet giants are angling for customers, cooperatives must be more than just safe, affordable and reliable.

Through her extensive research, Jessica Gordon Nembhard chronicles how African Americans used cooperative economic practices to help each other survive and how those practices related to the Black

April Is National Volunteer Month.  Volunteering is one of the best ways to help those in need and it's close to our farm families' hearts. Many of Cabot's farmer-owners are volunteers.  

Credit Unions for Kids, in partnership with CUNA and the World Council of Credit Unions, announced this week that a one-day fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals will be held Oct.

During the past decade, the credit union industry has embraced the importance of corporate social responsibility and launched a myriad of initiatives to enhance sustainability. From small credit un

The Scranton Equity Exchange is an amazing example of how cooperatives care for their communities.

Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young’s film “SHIFT CHANGE” will premiere at 5 p.m. Sunday, April 6 on KCTS 9.

Non-profits, religious organizations and county boards of education served by RESA 8 in West Virginia now have the opportunity to use two new cooperatives to save money.

Electric cooperative staffers, local athletes, police and firefighters combined bald heads with green bucks to boost pediatric cancer research, treatment and prevention, as hundreds shaved their he

By now it may be easier to trick your dog into giving up his favorite toy than finding a free checking account at a bank.

Farmers grouped under cooperative Tuzamurane in Muhanga District have seen their crop yields increase due to modern farming training they underwent.

Check out this cool idea.

Having just been appointed secretary general of Euro Coop, the European Community of Consumer Co-operatives, Todor Ivanov highlighted the importance of innovation and exchange of best practices bet

Doubling their number in one stroke to 452, the Council of Ministers approved the creation of 228 non-agricultural cooperatives, according to official media.

Electric cooperatives have a different way of conducting business than other utilities.  The main benefit of the co-op business model is that members own the organization.

Interested in starting a food co-op or in learning how to more efficiently operate an existing food co-op?  Join us in Bloomington, IN, on Feb. 28-Mar.

Farm Credit Bank of Texas (FCBT), a cooperatively owned wholesale bank that provides funding for rural retail lenders, has released preliminary unaudited financial highlights and results for the ye

The 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives is the cooperative community's largest international business event. It aims to help cooperative and mutual businesses achieve their full potential.

In the UK and across the world, co-operatives help provide a better life for immigrants and asylum seekers.

The cost of living has been on the rise for a while – and for students feeling the pinch, co-operatives are providing cheaper options for accommodation, food and t

A commercial grade solar installation slated for construction in Minnesota this spring will produce power for electric cooperatives within months. 

Cooperatives are highly committed to the social and environmental development of their territory as they are based locally. They do not delocalize.

Banks and credit unions, are taking steps to protect their customers from financial harm, after Target says its security breach was more extensive than first reported.  Friday, Target said millions

In recent years, the credit union industry rolled out a specialized program geared specifically to young adults’ needs and goals.

Fifty and more years ago,  very busy hog, cattle, dairy and grain farmer-members did all the cooperative lifting.

The Tampa credit union, the 14th largest in the United States, is launching a program to provide other credit unions with everything they need to offer their own members credit cards.  It’s aimed a

Given the cracks that have emerged in standard investor-owned corporations that make up a substantial share of the U.S.

Cooperatives across the country put principle 7 - concern for community - into practice everyday.  A vast number of the country’s credit unions offer scholarship money to its college bound members,

Without support from Congress, there’s a chance that credit unions could lose their federal income tax exemption.

The Crossroads Cooperative Summit is this Friday, Nov.

Yesterday, National Cooperative Bank (NCB), released its annual NCB Co-op 100, listing the nation's top 100 revenue-earning cooperative businesses.

The Kilimanjaro Cooperative Bank is another example of the power of cooperatives. Several rural cooperatives came together in 1994/95 to establish the bank.

Several facilities designed for those 55 and older have been built in Des Moines and central Iowa in recent years.

Millions of consumers around the globe have joined cooperatives for many reasons, including finding that they fill a need for housing, electricity, food, insurance and financial services…the list i

Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative Inc. and Denver-based CoBank gave a check of $6,000 to SOS Inc.

October is Co-op Month and all over the world co-ops and their members are celebrating.

Go to www.ncba.coop to see the new co-op month posters.

India's largest dairy producer is preparing to enter the U.S. market, seeking to build a global powerhouse from a company that counts on villages to stay competiti

The world's largest industrial, worker-owned and run cooperative, Spanish-based Mondragon and its bank, Laboral Kutxa, agr

Food Co-op Initiative today announced Seed Grants totaling $100,000 have been awarded to ten communities organizing co-ops across the US, to be matched with equal amounts in local investments.

The breadth of investment service offerings at credit unions and how to better serve their members in this area is the focus of a new study.  The 2012-2013 Credit Union Investment Services Benchmar

Here's a really innovative project developed by Canadian credit unions to educate consumers about credit unions.  Two young Canadians are travelling across Canada in a minivan equipped with an ATM

In a creative partnership, Michigan electric cooperatives are teaming with food pantries to help needy members save money on electric bills.  Michigan co-op members visiting food pantries will be a

The local foods movement has taken root nationwide. Where other trends have come and gone, the local foods movement is stronger than ever.

The new Elm Heights location is open for business, so please walk, bike, or drive into this lovely neighborhood to experience the latest addition to your co-op.

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas are performing a mission from their history books by bringing electricity to rural residents, but this time the residents live in Guatemala.

The National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) has launched a new website.  It's easy to navigate, colorful and loaded with great information.  Take a few minutes to visit the website and lea

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) is the national association, led by the chief executives, of Australia’s leading co-operative and mutual businesses.

Here's another awesome resource from the National Cooperative Grocers Association.  NCGA is pleased to launch a new culinary video resource, Co+op Kitchen. Availab

The 55 percent of the food consumed in Ecuador at the city level is produced by people who participate in cooperatives, a sector that represents 26 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

The Kootenay Co-op started out as a rural hippie bulk-organic-food-buying co-op in the 1970s.

Emilia-Romagna is one of the most economically successful regions in Europe, and it is also one of the most cooperative regions in the world.

NCBA CLUSA‘s Annual Conference for Purchasing Cooperatives is the only event by, for and about purchasing and shared service cooperatives.

An artisan market at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture will showcase the handicraft of women from around the world who work with artisan cooperatives to empower their communities.  Co

Yes, America still has independent pharmacies, though they may be getting harder to find as national chain drug stores that double as all-purpose retail shops open on about every available corner.

Co-ops are a viable solution because they work: The model has been replicated time and again. They build genuine community ownership.

More than four years since the financial crisis hit the United States, economic recovery has been slow and the majority of jobs that have returned are low wage. But there are alternatives.

Indian cooperatives need to catch up with such institutions in other countries said President Pranab Mukherjee.  He continued to say that ""Today, the Indian cooperative movement has proved to be a

Co-operatives have out-grown the British economy by more than ten times in 2012, according to figures released by Co-operatives UK.

Here's a great example of Principle 6 - Cooperation Among Cooperatives.  The Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) Export Assistance program is funded by voluntary contributions from dairy cooperativ

Cooperatives Europe and Fair Trade Advocacy Office have joined forces to underline the role that people-centred businesses should have in the EU development strategy.

Recently, United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard talked to Truthout about the challenges and opportunities of a new labor model: the union co-op.

Begun in the spring of 2013, Cooperative Rockaways is an initiative to rebuild after Sandy in a way that addresses both the storm’s impact and the long-term systemic issues in the neighborhoo

A recent article in the Myanmar news media focused on how cooperatives in Myanmar are working together to open a business center to facilitate marketing of their products.  First Myanmar Cooperativ

Co-operatives are key to increasing food security in Rwanda, helping small-farmers to cope with challenges and enabling them to gain access to markets.  Some co-operatives offer services to members

World Fair Trade Day was May 11 and around North America and the world, events, celebrations and fundraising are taking place in support of Fair Trade.

In 2001, the CCA Africa Region director noted there was a lack of professional development for women in Africa and Asia.

Co-operatives across the UK are being invited to star in a collaborative film to celebrate  Co-operatives Fortnight, the UK co-operative sector’s annual national campaign.

Young professionals are becoming a key demographic driving the bottom line of a credit union.

The 2013 Forum will profile how cooperative business enterprises are engaging in local and regional collaborations that are providing innovative options for economic and community development.

Mother's Day is May 12 and many of us struggle with what to give mom on her special day.  Why not shop your favorite co-op?  Try tasty cheese from Cabot, delicious chocolates, tea or coffee from Eq

When it comes to cooking at home, choosing the right ingredients and understanding basic kitchen skills can make the difference between a good meal and an amazing one.

Canadians who are used to depositing their money in financial institutions were on the receiving end on April 23, when credit unions celebrated

Four outstanding cooperative leaders will receive the cooperative community’s highest honor on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013, when they are inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame.

Part one of Food Hubs and Co-ops: How local family farms can feed our communities, Establishing an Online Food Cooperative, was held April 6 in Hiawatha.

In a recent article in YES! magazine, Marjorie Kelly write about "how cooperatives are leading the way to empowered workers and healthy communities".  Emerging in our time—in largely disco

From now on, the global mantra for filling market gaps is going to be, “There’s a co-op for tha

In countries around the world, family farmers are growing the food that supports two billion people on what is often called marginal or limited land.

When people are mourning the loss of a family member, the last thing they need to worry about are financial issues such as paying back an outstanding loan.

There must be hundreds of reasons why co-operatives make you happy.

Co-operatives are businesses run by the people, for the people; so it makes sense that all those connected to co-operatives are more likely to be much happier.

Please join us on Monday, March 25 at The Platform, 202 East Market Street, Indianapolis, for a presentation by Ted Howard, Executive Director of the Democracy Collabora

Though only a few hundred kilometers from Shanghai, farmers living in the small rural township of Bihu have long struggled to find a market for their produce.

Confused about the definition of "local food"?  Read about an innovative program in Alberta Canada that assigns a score and helps customers determine just how "local" a product really is.

On Monday, February 25th, the third Evergreen Cooperatives business, Green City Growers Cooperative, officially opened its doors.

Why support the co-ops in your community? The benefits might be further-reaching than you think.

Marjorie Kelly, in a recent article in YES! magzine talks about "How cooperatives are leading the way to empowered

The role of cooperatives as a mainstay of the social economy in Bulgaria was discussed at an international conference held in Sofia on 4 December 2012 to mark the conclusion of the 2012 UN Internat

Yudiel Mojena Guerra, a young farmer from eastern Cuba, was given land from the government as part of a strategy to increase domestic food production.

Did you know......that for more than 50 years, the economic well being of National Grape Cooperative members has been the reason for the existence

HUBs are uniquely designed spaces that provide a creative environment as well as a professional infrastructure to work, meet, learn and connect.

Agriculture is the largest contributor to the gross domestic product of Egypt, even though less than 4 percent of the land is arable.

Small savings, big development is the motto of Koboko United Cooperative, a savings and credit co-operative (SACCO) in northern Uganda, an area that is still recovering from the effects ci

As most rural households prepare for the upcoming Spring Festival, 55-year-old Yu Huihuai is busy setting up another rice seeding greenhouse, which can serve 1,330 hectares of paddy field.

On Jan. 11, co-ops took center stage on Southern Oregon Public Television in the weekly TV and Internet program, Immense Possibilities.

The Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance has included two recommendations supporting the co-operative sector in its pre-budget report.

CHS recently announced the introduction of the CHS Center for Cooperative Growth, an online platform that gathers and shares diverse viewpoints.

Americans are people who work together for the common good. Cooperation is embedded in our DNA.

Even in parts of the world torn by strife and war, cooperatives are flourishing.  In celebration of the International Year of Cooperatives 2012, ACTED hosted four National Cooperative Fairs in the

Starting a new food co-op or in your first years of operation? Up and Coming, Up and Running 2013, held in Bloomington, Indiana, March 1 & 2, with optional in-depth workshops o

A new study published by Enery Transition reveals how the shift towards renewable energy or “Energiewende” in Germany is driven by co-operatives. 

Cooperatives fundamentally bring economics back to the people they serve. They promote the ability to do good while doing well.

March 1 & 2, with optional in-depth workshops on February 28

Employing more than 83,000 worker-owners Mondragón, is the world’s largest co-operative organization.

The Cooperative Solution, by E.G.

The International Cooperative Alliance has just released its "2020 Challenge," an ambitious set of goals. By 2020, the ICA wants to see co-ops as:

In 1955, the Andalucían province of Almería, in southeastern Spain, was a drought-ridden area with little infrastructure and a GDP per capita of less than half the national average.  Today the syne

The official closing ceremony for the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives had a strong focus on empowering, employing and engaging youth, resulting in the creation of an Internationa

There are many famous film festivals including Sundance, Heartland, Cannes,and Telluride. Now there's a new film festival featuring cooperatives.

In the small low-income community of Toisapu, in the Maluku islands, nutmeg used to be seen as a waste fruit.

The Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade is a framework which will take the global co-operative movement through to the end of the decade with a plan to see co-operatives grow as financially and env

The 32 volunteers of the "Hoosiers Powers the World" project received the 2012 Cooperative Community Service Award at the Indiana Cooperative Summit on Nov.

Common Thread is a non-profit cooperative of Canadian organizations.  Members operate sewing programs or support our work in various important ways.

Co-Mo Electric Cooperative has received a $5,000 grant to pass along to the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri's Buddy Pack program.

The 2012 Indiana Cooperative Summit was a huge success!  We had great speakers and participants had an opportunity to network and meet new cooperators from many different cooperative sectors.  Chec

In celebration of the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC), The Co-operators is donating a total of $220,000 to deserving co-ops across Canada through their National Co-op Challenge.  The chal

A newly released white paper from the Credit Union National Association's (CUNA) Cooperative Alliances Committee suggests ways and presents case studies on how credit unions can collaborate more cl

According to FAO director-general José Graziano da Silva , "Whether you are in the UK, Brazil, Kenya, Thailand or Nepal, cooperatives help to generate employment, boost national economies and reduc

As a cooperative, mission-based lender, CoBank’s commitment to rural America extends beyond financial services.

Thousands of co-operators from around the world have descended on Manchester Central for Co-operatives United, the largest gathering of co-operatives in modern memory.

The construction industry is traditionally male-dominated.  In India, however, 51 percent of construction workers are women, of which 98 percent are unskilled.

Entrepreneurs around the globe are being urged to form cooperatives.  One such example is from Tanzania.  Tunu Pinda, wife of the Tanzanian Prime Minister, urged women entrepreneurs to form groups

Don't miss the opportunity to join us on Friday, Nov.

Electric Cooperatives in South Carolina and Georgia have already mobilized and  sent staff to help out the hurricane ravaged northeast and other states stand ready to send staff as well. 

Can business do well by doing good? Certainly – but businesses that are structured as “cooperatives” are actually doing better by doing good.

Join us on Nov.

Madeleine K. Albright was the featured luncheon speaker in Quebec last week at the 2012 International Cooperative Summit.  According to Ms.

Co-op Week 2012 is a special one, as it takes place during the International Year of Cooperatives.

CUMA spells cooperation for farmers

Join us on November 9 at the Indiana Cooperative Summit to celebrate Indiana’s 2012 Cooperative Hero – Bruce Ingraham, retired, from Beacon Credit Union in Wabash, Indiana.

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) has announced the launch of its official book, Building a Better World:  100 stories of Co-operation, in commemoration of the United Nations I

Governor Mitch Daniels has declared Oct. 13-20, 2012, Cooperative Week in Indiana with support of cooperative organizations across the state.

38 years ago, service station operators in Australia worked out that the only way to get a fair deal on prices was to unite and the co-op model proved the right fit providing commercial benefits of

Cornwall's Renewable Energy Co-operative (R-ECO) is one of 9 leading solar energy installers that have formed Bristol Area Solar Installers Co-operative (BASIC).

One thousand people learned about co-operatives and social enterprise at a local trade fair in Coventry, England.

The Co-cyclists have returned to Amherst, MA, completing their 4,000 mile journey. Co-cycler Riko Fluchel made some reflections along the way. Below is a short excerpt:

CooperateUSA.coop and the CooperateUSA app are free resources developed by the National Cooperative Business Association

What a great idea!  The Co-operative Workers' Museum in Copenhagen does not tell the traditional story of land and glory or the rise and fall of kings of the past.

Want to learn more about how your cooperative can appeal to the twenty-something-and-under crowd? Join us on November 9.

From banners to buttons, flags to flash mobs, cooperators across Canada are showing their IYC colours, but a worker coop in Guelph, ON is showing its IYC flavour: the 2012 Coffee Blend.

Cabot Creamery is the first dairy cooperative to achieve B Corporation Certification, a validation of its attention to environmental and social impacts on stakeholders.  Cabot joins a growing legio

On Aug. 21,  Inc. Magazine released its 2012 500/5000 List of fastest growing private companies in America.

By providing a forum for children to express their artistic talent through drawing, SICREDI, one of Brazil's credit union organizations and the Texas Credit Union League's (TCUL) "People to People"

If you’re under the age of 30 and a co-op professional, you have a chance to attend the upcoming annual meeting of the National Cooperative Business Association free.

The Manos Cooperatives were founded in 1968, begun by five women whose goal was to develop economic opportunities for women in a country where there were, and are still, few opportunities for work.

I am constantly amazed at the wonderful variety of cooperatives around the world.  Common Thread is a cooperative with both an economic and social purpose.  Common Thread is a group of sewing co-op

Though few in number, telephone cooperatives still play a very important role in their communities.  McDonough Telephone Cooperative (MDTC) is a 61 year old company that is evolving and changing wi

Big business might be synonymous with the multinational corporation. But some of the largest, most influential businesses are owned and operated as co-operatives.

I've talked a lot about cross sector collaboration across the country and internationally in previous blogs.  Indiana cooperatives have an opportunity to participate in cross sector collaboration a

Cooperatives are about economic empowerment and opportunity.  Learn how Women’s Action to Gain Economic Security has provided opportunities for immigr

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Here's another innovative cooperative idea - passenger transportation.

I just saw this program on the Young and Free Indiana website and thought it was terrific.   It's called "Spark Tank" and it's an effort to get Millennials engaged in their community.  In this case

Cooperativa CoopeAgri El General R.L. based in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica began 45 years ago with 365 members.  Today it has about 20,000 small coffee and sugar producer members.

The second Indiana Young and Free Spokester was announced Monday night.  Congratulations! to Aly Hess.

The Four Co-operative Models

Nearly a thousand people gathered at Payson Park earlier this week to welcome a group of bike riders who rode 2,300 miles from Miami, Florida to Portland, Maine as part of Cabot Creamery Cooperativ

In a year when Spain turned to the Eurozone for bailout assistance, there has been one sector of the Spanish economy which is inspiring in troubled times.

Worker ownership of businesses is making waves across the country.  One such effort is in Chicago - the just-formed New Era Windows cooperative.  These are the workers who refused to just give in t

What a great idea - eBooks about cooperatives!

The final round in the Spokester Search is underway! The top nine finalists were asked to put together a Challenge video and blog, talking about a financial topic.

July 7, 2012 marked "International Day of Cooperatives.  The International Cooperative Alliance released a press release quoting President Dame Pauline Green,“Co-operatives put people at the center

Here is an exciting opportunity to tell your cooperative story.  The Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) is o

At a conference last month, Irish President, Michael D Higgins, welcomed the role that co-operatives have played in Ireland and praised them as “vibrant example of creative communities”.  He contin

More than 1,500 young consumer-members from electric cooperatives in 43 states are in the nation’s capital this week to help remind elected leaders that they have a stake in America’s future.

Blue Read, Chairperson, New Zealand Cooperatives Association, recently gave a speech at the symposium '2012 International Year of Cooperatives - Cooperatives Boosting Sustainable Development', in B

Hello from Philadelphia!  I'm having a great time meeting new food cooperators and learning from them.  During lunch today, Benjamin Franklin addressed the group and talked about the first U.S.

It’s encouraging to find that cooperative development is taking place even in China.  Read on……

A recent article in the online Namibian discusses the importance of cooperatives in helping lift youth and women out of poverty in the Karas and Hardap regions of Namibia. 

The Go Co-op website is filled with stories about amazing cooperatives.  The Self Help Credit Union is one of these amazing cooperatives.

At its 83rd annual meeting last week in Naples, Florida, the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC) launched its celebration of the Year of Farmer Co-ops, part of the wider effor

In January, Cabot Creamery Cooperative put out the call for entries for the

Last November Rochdale was declared as the World Capital of Co-operatives, receiving international recognition over 100 years after the Rochdale Pioneers brought about the birth of the Co-operative

The time is ripe for cross-sector collaborative projects to create win-win-win outcomes for co-ops, the cooperative movement, and the community at large.

Stories.coop is a great place to learn about cooperatives across the globe.  Today's "story of the day" features a cooperative in Rio de Janeiro that is practices the "boot strapping" tech

I just read a great article about "Fair Trade" and the role of cooperatives.  The article traces a trip made by Kent Davidson, a member of the Media Borough Council, t

In the spirit of cooperation between cooperatives, Illinois-based GROWMARK recently hosted leaders from the French cooperative

The numbers are dismal.

Tara Lohan, Senior editor at AlterNet.org and editor of the book "Water Matters, has authored an interesting article on business structures.She writes "As our political system sputters, a wave

According to its press release dated May 21, 2012, NCB, a leading financial services company serving cooperatives nationwide, honored the Iowa Credit Union League (ICUL) with the 2012 Stan Dreyer S

Cooperatives are businesses that allow their members to accomplish more together than they could individually.  A recent article in the Minnesota Farm Guide discusses the success of farmer

Given Iran's history, who would have dreamed that cooperatives could flourish in this country.

PSA Security Network® is the world's largest electronic security cooperative representing security system integrators.  At the 2012 PSA-TEC, Speaker Evan Hackel, president of Ingage Consulting, foc

As the baby boomers age, the need for housing will continue to rise.  When boomers no longer want to live in their homes or maybe they are no longer able to keep with the maintenance and yard work,

On May 4th, for the first time in US history, the White House held a national briefing for the widest range ever of US co-op leaders.

On May 2, in ceremonies at the National Press Club sponsored by the Cooperative Development Foundation, four outstanding cooperators were honored for their exceptional leadership and contributions

A recent article on syracuse.com quotes Chuck Conner, chief executive officer of the National  Council of Farmer Cooperatives calling farm cooperatives “the voice of the small producer.”

Indiana had two representatives - Debbie Trocha, Executive Director of the Indiana Cooperative Development Center and Rod Kelsay, Executive Dirctor of the Mid America Cooperative Council - among th

The Mississippi Council of Cooperatives (MCC) truly practices the Cooperative Principles, especially P7 - Concern for Community.  The MCCA has endowed a scholarship memorializing  longtime Mississi

Ever wanted to try your hand at writing poetry?  Are you already a poet and looking for people who share your interest?  Then, The Rooster Moans Poetry Cooperative may be for you.  The coo

Cabot worked with Chalo, Inc., a Vermont-based startup, to create the Reward Vo

USDA-Rural Development recently named the largest 100 ag co-ops (by sales) for 2010.  These co-ops reported near record revenue of $118 billion in 2010, a 4 percent increase over 2009.  Net income

The Canton Daily Ledger reports that "more than 250 students from rural areas of Illinois traveled to Springfield on Wednesday, March 28, for the Illinois Electric and Telephone Cooperativ

This fast-paced video celebrates the  "International Year of the Cooperative." It highlights the important role electric co-ops play in the American marketplace as well as the  economy.

According to a recent press release, ""CHS Harvest for Hunger rallied thousands of CHS employees, customers and partners to collectively raise the equivalent of 2.45 million meals for hungry famili

"Concern for Community" is one of the seven principles upon which cooperatives are founded.  A recent article in the heraldonline demonstrates how the electric cooperativs of South Carolin

A recent article by the Capital Institute, discusses how an unusual partnership in Cleveland, OH, is serving as a model of job creation, and wealth-building in an impoverished urban nei

A recent article in the Christian Science Monitor touts the benefits of the cooperative business model.  "Co-ops worldwide represent much more than hippie grocery stores: They're a fast-growing

A recent article on mysuburbanlife.com describes how the Lemont, IL,  Public Library is preparing for state funding cuts by joining a new, six-library cooperative that will result in more

What makes electric cooperatives different from other utilities is that “giving something back to the community” is part of their business plan.

The community of Lawrence, KS has long been a supporter of cooperatives.  From nursery schools, to food, to finance, to housing, Lawrence has a co-op to fit these needs.  Learn more about these Kan

In celebration of the United Nation's 2012 "International Year of Cooperatives" and to honor those who volunteer their time, Cabot Creamery Cooperative created Reward Volunteers®, the nation's firs

The sixth international principle of cooperatives is “cooperation among cooperatives.” Simply put, it says that co-ops believe in supporting each other.  Imagine the power behind an entire network

This article about women forming fish farming cooperatives in Rwanda is another example of how cooperatives are empowering people around the globe both economically and socially.  Read the entire a

In her March 12, 2012, blog post, Maria Mill, NFU Director of Education writes, "This year people around the world are celebrating a business model that puts people first.

The National Worker Cooperative Conference is scheduled for June 22-24 in Boston, MA.

Cabot Creamery Cooprative reporats that "During a special awards ceremony held in Washington, D.C. on March 7 - the eve of National Agriculture Day - the Innovation Center for U.S.

Just in the nick o'time for St. Paddy's Day, Cabot Creamery Cooperative, in partnership with Green Education Foundation (GEF), has developed The Wonder Wheel!

We wrapped up the 2012 Up and Coming Up and Running Start-up Food Co-op Conference on Saturday.  We had a great three days with co-ops from twelve states (as far aways as Alaska to the north and Mi

Reynard, a Justmeans staff writer for Sustainable Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility has written a great article using famous Beatles tunes to demonstrate principles of the co-op business

NCB has released their 2011 Co-op 100 list.  Not surprising, agriculture co-ops are the largest sector at 48.3% of total revenues followed by grocery at 22.4%; energy and communicaitons at 10.4%; f

CHS, a farmer-owned cooperative, has pledged to match all monetary donations to the Montana Food Bank Network from March 1-16 through their Harvest Fund and Food Drive.  This is an opportunity for

According to the PRNewswire, "Land O'Lakes International Development has launched the International Dairy Enterprise Alliance (IDEA), a learning network designed to provide dairy cooperatives in de

Several credit unions have put the idea of cooperatives helping other cooperatives into direct action by helping finance start-up food cooperatives--reportedly one of the fastest-growing cooperativ

To celebrate the International Year of the Co-op, The National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA), the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), the National Association of Housing Coop

Want to tell the story of your co-op?  Visit www.stories.coop.  In their own words, here's the background on this website:  "Stories.coop is the world's first glob

Check out the great video on YouTube created by the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives to celebrate 2012 - The International Year of the Co-op:  

We all love our pets - from cats and dogs to birds, hamsters and turtles.  Americans lavish affection and money on their pets.  But when our pets are sick, injured or hurting, we make a trip to the

According to experts,health care costs in this country are spiraling out of control.  One big-picture indicator is that the United States annually spends nearly $8,000 per capita on health care, ab

In an effort to honor their communities and to pay homage to the International Year of the Co-op, Cabot Creamery Cooperative is sponsoring a poetry contest for middle school students in grades 5-8.

IDC-USA has partnered with fellow cooperative Independent Stationers to provide IDC Owner-Disributors with a comprehensive IDC Member Advantage Program for office supplies.  Members of both coopera

According to the Social Business Australia, Hugh Jackman is a supporter of cooperatives. "I know from first hand experience making the Seeds of Hope documentary for World Vision that co-operatives give people the practical means to change their lives for the better."

It’s exciting that 2012 is the International Year of the Cooperative. And I’m looking forward to the 2011 Indiana Cooperative Summit…

The United Nations has declared 2012 the International Year of the Cooperative, but you don’t have to travel the world to see how successful the cooperative business model can be. In Indianapolis on October 28, leaders from a variety of cooperatives will gather for the fifth annual Indiana Cooperative Summit.

The International Year of Cooperatives (2012) is a fantastic opportunity for cooperatives around the world to raise consumer awareness of their individual co-ops, the cooperative business model, and the important role that co-ops play in serving local and global communities.

Want to recognize your favorite cooperator for their efforts in your cooperative and/or community?

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