Indiana-Specific Resources

Indiana Guide to Cooperative Development Resources
(pdf, 49 pages, 1.4mb)

Indiana Cooperative codes

Indiana Wood Pelleting Feasibility Study
(pdf, 51 pages, 800 kb)

General Co-op Resources

Case Study Series, University of Wisconsin: Non-agricultural Cooperatives in Rural Areas
(pdf, 49 pages, 363 kb)

Cooperative Business Principles – USDA
(pdf, 4 pages, 239 kb)

Cooperative Feasibility Study Guide – USDA
(pdf, 24 pages, 505 kb)

Cooperative History – Understanding Capper Volstead
(pdf, 11 pages, 122 kb)

Cooperative Principles and Practices
( pdf, 96 pages, 1024 kb)

Co-op Case Study: Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative
(pdf, 13 pages, 520 kb)

Current Law and Economic Debates
(pdf, 36 pages, 174 kb)

Directory of Closed Membership Producer Cooperatives: New Generation Cooperatives and Limited Liability Companies in the U.S. and Canada
(pdf, 140 pages, 665 kb)

How to Start a Cooperative – USDA
(pdf, 4 pages, 136 kb)

How to Start a Food Co-op
(pdf, 74 pages, 929 kb)


3 Strategic Concepts for the Guidance of Cooperatives
(pdf, 38 pages)

Governance as a Determinant of Success & Failure
(pdf. 22 pages)