Success Stories

WOLF Co-op logo over a field of corn

In early 2011, the ICDC was contacted by Organic Valley and asked to assist a group of 80 organic milk producers in northern Indiana form a cooperative to purchase a local organic feed mill. The steering committee met bi-weekly throughout 2012 with a goal of completing the project by early 2013.

Preparing a box of vegetables from the CSA

In the fall of 2005, a group of farmers in the Laughery Valley in the Southeastern region of Indiana came together to meet with the ICDC staff and discuss the feasibility of joining forces to develop local markets for their produce. The initial meeting stirred the creativity of the group and soon the Laughery Valley Growers Cooperative began to take shape with six local growers. They agreed to begin their marketing efforts with the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model which would be called the “FarmFreshCSA”.

In September 2005, a large group of residents from the greater Orange County region in Southern Indiana gathered to discuss plans to support the growers of local specialty foods and to enhance their availability within the region. A steering committee began to develop the Lost River Community Cooperative. Since that time, the group has been off and running!