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Joel Kopischke

Joel has over 30 years’ experience in leadership training, team-building, and project stewardship. Joel calls himself a process improvement geek and prides himself on helping teams work smarter and more efficiently to achieve better results and productivity. Joel draws on his experience working with Fortune 500 companies, international non-profit organizations, and a wide variety of co-ops, including dozens of natural food grocery stores. Joel has a variety of approaches and tools he utilizes, including Servant Leadership, MBTI Personality Type (Myers Briggs), Policy Governance, and Simon Sinek’s work, but the only thing Joel is dogmatic about is that an element of fun is vital to any serious endeavor. Joel is honored to lead seven roots group's Education and Training Division, working with boards, store owners, management teams, and staff

Sessions led by this presenter:
From stage 1 to stage 2 to stage 3, the board of directors of a startup food co-op has to be prepared for many changes in their role. Your responsibilities...
Do you have meetings that take too long and accomplish too little? You're not alone and your situation is not hopeless! Get some tips and tools to create and execute...

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