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Siobain Mitchell

Siobain Mitchell was one of the first people recruited to work on establishing a food co-op in Maynard. She became President of the founding Board of Directors in 2013, and has continuously served in this role. She has additionally chaired two committees – the By-laws committee and the Finance committee. She is truly inspired by the cooperative business model, and the values and principles that form its basis. She believes that the Co-op will be an integral part of a thriving local economy, and that having a food co-op that participates in a strong regional food system will make the area more resilient. She wants the Co-op to serve as a gathering place, one that is accessible and welcoming. She believes that when neighbors know one another, businesses buy from and sell to one another, and communities support their local food producers—these all make us stronger, and improve our health and well-being.

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