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Co-op Board Chairman's Roundtable

Thursday, December 12, 2013 to Friday, December 13, 2013
Illinois Electric Assoc.
Springfield, IL

The Board Chairman's Roundtable was instituted due to popular member demand and provides a forum for open dialog that assists co-op board chairmen to share their challenges and solutions.  This conference crosses industry boundaries and deals with issues common for all that allows an outlet for candid dialogue and direct sharing between board chairmen.  With no holds barred, they can openly discuss issues and share solutions learned in the board room.  Board Chairmen share unique challenges that are consistent, regardless of industry.  They have the responsibility to engage all board members while managing challenging board members fairly and professionally.  They also must deal with contested issues swiftly and intelligently so they do  not become contentious.  MAC-ED's Board Chairman's Roundtable offers practical solutions to tough challenges.  Call 317-726-6910 or email knowledge @macc.coop for additional information.

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