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Marketing to Launch - Brand Transition

Session date/time: 
Fri, 3/6 -
1:00pm to 2:15pm
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Hello, stage 2B! Welcome to the new challenges of the ‘home stretch’ as you get closer and closer to opening your store. In this workshop, we’re going to dig in to transitioning your marketing messaging — something that doesn’t often get formally addressed and a place where many startups stumble. It’s absolutely vital to understand your upcoming transition from ‘organizing project’ to ‘retail store’ because these months leading up to your grand opening only happen once. We’ll explore the three very different audiences you now need to engage, the critical aspects of your current brand, and how to talk like a store before any products ever arrive. Join Firebrand Melanie Shellito, a 25+ year veteran of the marketing and branding profession, to examine messaging examples both good and bad, brainstorm new ideas you can P6, and take home the beginnings of a messaging framework to keep your community and owners engaged.

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